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sample sale ends today! 


sample sale ends today! 

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Rocking the classic NE prep look today

Dark rinse jeans, navy blazer, beige linen pocket tee, sperrys, a red lip, and a mock tortoiseshell hairclip.

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Mall, you slay me.

Today I went to the mall with the idea that I just wanted to look at a new camera, and pick up a new nail polish.

The camera I wanted to look at (Samsung SH100) wasn’t in stock :( but I was wandering around Target waiting for the mall to open (I was up and out the door early this morning) and I came across this beautiful deal: Will & Grace Seasons One & Two for $9.99!! Um, YES! Karen Walker is my idol and I can’t believe I didn’t already own the show on DVD - especially since it’s not available on Netflix Instant.

THEN the mall opened, so I resisted the urge to go to Sephora (I honestly don’t know how I managed that) and I went to the Beauty Plus Salon where I get all my nail polish and I honest to blog spent 30 minutes starting at the nude nail polishes because I didn’t know which one to pick. They don’t have testers so I was googling swatches and finally decided on Topless & Barefoot by Essie. BUT THEN I walked over to the registers and something caught my eye… The China Glaze Anchors Aweigh collection. And what was right there? Sunset Sail. A beautiful peachy-nude (all over the runways) and a gorgeous shimmy gold color called Knotty. And then I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of OPI Black Shatter which I probably will never wear, but my sister absolutely will.

Now I have to go to Radio Shack to look for that camera, but I’ll post swatches of the polishes this week!

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What’s In My Purse??

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Hauled: Sephora Sun Safety Kit
Full review after I use the products!

Hauled: Sephora Sun Safety Kit

Full review after I use the products!

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30% Off Tarte Cosmetics today!
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Bath and Body Works Favourites

I have a problem with Bath and Body Works. I can spend 45 minutes in that store, and since there’s always a great sale going on, I don’t feel guilty when I buy things. These are some of my favourites, and some things I’ve just discovered.

I’m a cashier, and money is ridiculously dirty, so we always have purell at the registers. However, I abhor the smell of purell, and I don’t like how dry it leaves my skin. I’ve started buying these every month and leaving them at the register bay for everyone to use. These are the staff favourites.

Travel-Sized Fragrance Mists
I don’t wear these like a perfume, I keep them in my car. I like to mist them a few times a day to keep my car smelling delicious, and sometimes I spritz them in my hair so that it smells super nice as well. These are my favourites.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Forever Sunshine

'Summertime Vanillas' - Coconut Vanilla

My personal favourite moisturizing soap isn’t on the website right now, but its’ the same Summer Coconut Vanilla as the body mist, and the soap itself is this great silver colour.

Fresh Market Apple Moisturizing Soap - sometimes you can get this in a novelty container that’s shaped like a big red apple!

Creamy Body Scrub - Hawaii Coconut.
I recieved this for free when I last went to B&BW and I love it. The exfoliating beads are really fine, and it feels like you’re exfoliating with sand. That sounds a little odd, but it really is lovely. Combined with the scent, it’s like taking a shower at the beach!

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Coming Soon… Preppy Fashion & Lifestyle blog from yours truly and one of my loveliest friends.

That means this blog will predominately feature makeup from now on, so if you like my fashion posts keep an eye out today and tomorrow for a link to the new blog!

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